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Adelaide has a hot Mediterranean climate. Mild winters with moderate rainfall and hot, dry summers.

In summer (December to February) the average maximum is around 29 °C (84 °F), but there is considerable variation and Adelaide can usually expect around 3 days a year when the daytime temperature is 40 °C (104 °F) or above.

In winter (June to August) the average maximum is around 15–16 °C (59–61 °F) and the average minimum around 7–8 °C (45–46 °F). Frosts are common in the valleys of the Adelaide Hills, but rare elsewhere. There is usually no appreciable snowfall in Adelaide, except on rare occasions at Mount Lofty and in some towns in the Adelaide Hills.

Adelaide is the driest of the Australian capital cities. Rainfall is unreliable, light and infrequent throughout summer. The average in January and February is around 20 millimetres (0.8 inches), but completely rainless months are by no means uncommon. In contrast, the winter has fairly reliable rainfall with June being the wettest month of the year, averaging around 80 mm.